What is the
Youth Coalition of the ACT?

The Youth Coalition is the peak youth affairs body in the ACT. As a membership based organisation, the Youth Coalition is responsible for representing and promoting the rights, interests and wellbeing of the estimated 78,000 young Canberrans aged 12-25 years and those who work with them.

The general activities of the Youth Coalition fall under four key themes: policy; sector development; advocacy and representation; and, projects that respond to ongoing and current issues.

A key role of the Youth Coalition is the development and analysis of ACT social policy and program decisions that affect young people and youth services. The Youth Coalition facilitates the development of strong linkages and promotes collaboration between the community, government and private sectors to achieve better outcomes for young people in the ACT.

We actively promote the well being and aspirations of young people in the ACT with particular respect to their social, political, cultural, spiritual, economic and educational development.


Peak bodies are representative organisations that exist in order to coordinate, support and advocate for their membership and constituents. While community sector-based peak bodies work within varied models of practice, the role of peak bodies is broadly defined as representing the needs of a particular target group, which may include a client group or service provider group.

There are a range of youth peak bodies in Australia. Without the youth peak bodies, young people would be left with no formal voice on important issues and youth services would be left without any funded body to organise networking, professional development and disseminate information across all youth services.

Membership of the ACT Peaks Forum, facilitated by the ACT Council of Social Service (ACTCOSS), includes peak bodies that devote the majority of their resources towards Policy Development and Advocacy, Sector Development, and Membership. Each of these activities are further outlined by the ACT Peaks Forum:

  • Policy Development and Advocacy: The organisations have a substantial role in systemic analysis of ACT Government policy in their areas based on sound research and credible evidence, and seek to communicate those ideas to government, the sector and the broader community.
  • Sector Development: The organisations seek to empower community organisations to improve and develop their services and ensure that they provide appropriate services to their users.
  • Membership: The organisations are democratic and have strong links with members who they represent.


We undertake a range of advocacy work that aims to raise awareness of emerging issues to both government and to the broader community.


The Youth Coalition is a key body for information about policy relating to young people in the ACT. We have a range of general policy positions.


We are committed to ensuring that those who work with young people are able to access quality support and resources.


The Youth Coalition undertakes a range of projects, both ongoing and in response to current issues.

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