The activities of the Youth Coalition fall under the following broad themes:


We undertake a range of advocacy work that aims to raise awareness of emerging issues to both government and to the broader community. We strive to ensure that emerging issues are brought to the attention of policy makers within government and that continuing problems are responded to.

The Youth Coalition is represented on many ACT Government advisory structures and provides advice to the ACT Government on youth issues, along with providing information to youth services about policy and program matters.


The Youth Coalition is a key body for information about policy relating to young people in the ACT. We have a range of general policy positions that are outlined in our Policy Platform. These are agreed upon in close consultation with our membership, including young people, and take in to account the current evidence and research informing youth affairs. We also develop policy responses throughout the year in response to government actions and developments. We provide responses for proposed changes to legislation and to draft strategies, plans and papers. Through consulting closely with our membership, we represent their interests to other stakeholders such as the ACT Government, Australian Government and to independent Commissions and statutory bodies.


The Youth Coalition is committed to ensuring that those who work with young people are able to access quality support and resources to assist them in their work. We work in collaboration with other organisations and peak bodies to provide networking opportunities, resources, training and individual support to youth services in the ACT. Our sector development activities include facilitation of the Youth Worker Practice Network, topical forums and training sessions, the production of resources and a regular e-bulletin.


The Youth Coalition undertakes a range of projects, both ongoing and in response to current issues.

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